TüDEV was founded in April 2001 by a majority of Turkish-speaking women, in order to deal particularly with education and daily problems of migrants. The association is dedicated to help improve the educational opportunities of the Turkish-speaking children and quality of life of their parents. Certainly one of our goals is to make a contribution to a better understanding between Germans and immigrants.


TüDEV is a shortform of „turkish-german-association of parents e.V.“. We are a non-profit association.
TüDEV is completly self-organised by migrants, founded in 2001 by a majority of Turkish-speaking women – engaging in educational and general problems of migrants. Our target is
to increase educational opportunities for turkish-speaking children and quality of life for their parents. It is also our concern  to improve communication between locals and migrants.
Taking into account an inter-cultural approach, the association carries out meaningful, need-based, sustainable, participation and integration promoting projects.

Since 2003 we are recognized as non-profit association and are member in the Joint Welfare Association.
For being an associtation we are independent from political, religious and ideological approaches.

In May 2008 we moved to a new location. The Bürgerhaus Geisweid serves us now as a venue for our acitvities.